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digital infrastructure. but the idea of using nsa's technical capabilities to help prevent networkings often causes concerns. we must and we do use our capabilities that assures our citizens that their privacy and civil liberties are protected. americans must and they can have confident of the intelligence community are being used to save lives and protect our nation, they that aren't being used to
used and that's a key start since this is a key fact as we consider extending that power, but there's also information about the use of section 215 orders that i believe congress and the american people deserve to know. i realize that you're not the sole person to make this decision, but i'm asking you today for your commitment to advocate to finding a way to find some limited information to become public so we could have a real debate about this. would you make that commitment?
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. if however we managed to turn things around it will become more complex again. .. on how they use technology and social media web sites and in this installment, a conversation with republican representative, john culberson of texas. >> when you think of a political process, what do you believe the role of social media is as far as how folks like you communicate to the folks at home? >> my job description is representative and most important part of tt of course is to use my own good judgement based on my core principles and knowledge i have of the feelings of my district to "to represent them up here but equally portant is my le as a communicator to stay in touch with people and make sure that they are plugged in and know what i'm doing on their behalf, and insuring that they know from what is being done here in shington, so i use social media, i see social media as a vital part of my job in communicating with my constituents and quite frankly i am somewhat, i am a very passionate jeffersonian republican who believe strongly in the tenth amendment and we need to give the government out of ou
... how new challenges like inflation will impact you're nest egg. and...some u.s. industries look for new opportunities in cuba now that certain rules are lifted. it's all ahead on this edition of first business. by year since showing no signs of stepping out of the market now that volume comes back in the prices of stocks continue to march higher after labor day. a lot of concern about whether or not the market will fall apart has happened one day in. looking ahead to the rest of this week unless the president obama if will be addressing congress about health care reform efforts and also on wednesday and thursday of this week if we have four federal reserve members giving different speeches so investors are paying attention to what they have to say about the state of the economy in the global market. meantime defeat out trade leasing gold prices creepy and to some degree explode back to a thousand hours an ounce to looked at go up on the charts and also get into a discussion of what the gold rally may not be tied to inflation. this september.... marks an entire year ... that aig has bee
that jack and i were reminiscing this week about how great it was for us to be with some of the most wonderful ministers, greatest minisrs, of the 20th century. my how we enjoyed each and every one of them. and some of them have gone to be with the lord and yet their ministries continue on today. now here, posthoumous preaching some preachers are as popular dead as they were alive. now a couple of those, there's dr. j. vernon mcgee, we had a great pleasure of being with him. by the way, when we were with him, jack, he called you the belgian bible bombshell. >> amen. it used to be the walking bible and then the belgian bible bombshell. and that's what i hope to be today. >> all right. and he was, of course, in los angeles and here you see dr. adrian rogers from memphis. and what a man of god he was and his ministry continues on today also. and certainly to me some of these men along with dr. lee robertson in chattanooga that we were with, they just will never leave my mind or my hear they meant so very, very much to me and i know they did to you jack. >> oh rexella, we had some great
an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >>> now, this week in defense news, with vago muradian. >> good morning. welcome to this this week in defense. how does the world's largest users of energy become more efficient and how big a threat is biological weapons. first, the united states has been at war for the past nine years but some military minds say progress have been slow because leaders haven't developed good strategy. one of the leading strategists, said he fedig figuredur out howo strange that. he's co-authored a new report gaining strategic confidence with his co-author. dis-andyandy, welcome back. you say reversing u.s. competence is an urgent issue. how did we get here and why is i
youthful and preserved. >> woman: using this super anti-oxidant, dr. sebagh has formulated powerful serums to shield your skin from further signs of aging while encouraging natural collagen creation. the ultimate secret to smooth, lifted, youthful-looking skin. >> your face visually looks much tighter, and your pores are much closer. it's fantastic. >> i truly believe that this thing inside this melon from south france is incredible. >> now thanks to a remarkable breakthrough, dr. sebagh's formulas have been distilled into a powerful anti-aging system called "meaningful beauty." >> megan: it's amazing when they say that it is a facial in a bottle. it truly, truly is. >> crawford: i know meaningful beauty's great. people use it, and they start seeing their skin looking better, and they get excited about it, and then their friends might notice or say something. >> lokelani mcmichael: i love the meaningful beauty products. my parents have noticed, and so have my friends. i've gotten a lot of complements. >> dr. elizabeth hare: meaningful beauty has the ability to attack a lot of different pro
. the u.s. census bureau has severed all times with that organization, and the census bureau and formed their president this evening that the partnership has been terminated. we showed you unbelievable video from baltimore, where workers were attempting to help a man and woman set up a prostitution ring involving underage girls from el salvador. the fallout has now reached the washington offices. let's take a look. >> my partner wants to start a business. i do not know if you allow -- and >> if you do not tell us, we cannot help you. >> she is a prostitute. and i do not know -- >> i kind of figured that. they do not want to know where your money is coming. all they want is accountability. >> so i could be the one, basically -- sean: it gets worse. take a look as an official actually suggests an name for the underage prostitution business. >> you can say the name of your company is "pop-in." your consultants. whatever you call your business. you have to show something because of the bank. she has to. the other option is, if you put it in your name, she is not on a loan. sean: watch as ac
evaluations of chemicals and of electromagnetic fields. a little background of cellular phones, using radio waves, and it's the range on the it's the range on the electromagnetic broadcast radio, television, and other devices including cordless phones, baby monitors and microwave ovens. radio frequency energy is not radiation in the same sense as for high-frequency x-rays. there is a standard scientific approach used to determine whether on exposure source poses a health risk. this process requires that all of the published literature be considered which will include studs that reported effects and those that have not. this is a method i used for evaluating the radio frequency research throughout my career. in this appropriation after the literature is compiled, each studies evaluated and more studies given to those of better quality because they are more reliable. this approach is designed 0 to ensure that study ares not singled out to support a preconceived point. as for any health assessment, the relevant research includes many different methods, studies in animals, experimental steweds
: comments@captioncolorado.com >>> it's friday morning. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. it is 9/11 since we woke up being right on our minds. you saw up there in new york a moment of silence at 8:46 in the morning. again, we may have an abbreviated show. >> yes, the eighth anniversary. what we may do, and we're not sure, but abc plans to possibly cut into the programming to have remarks from president obama. so we're going to have to wait and see, but we did want to give you a head's up in case it does something with our programming. meantime, we have a lot to tell you about. >> our director of mema will tell us to be prepared. the way to do that is protect our families and ourselves. he'll tell you just how. >>> defender's day is coming up. there is a whole host of things going on. vince is here. he looks great. he's in the full garb. we'll talk to him to hear what's going on to remember defender's day. >> hello, shirley. shirley howard is having her 85th birthday. what she does is why she's on tv. her whole life has been about shaving c
because we wanted the charter to be like that. it says that armored forces only use it when it is a common interest to all nations. but after that, what happens 65 wars broke out after the establishment of the united nations and after the establishment of the security council. and after this establishment, 65. and the victims are millions more than the victims of second world war. out of these wars and the aggression and the force towards -- in the interest of common interests of all of us? it was to impact one country or two country or three countries but not in the interests of all the nations. and we shall come and discuss the wars, whether these wars broke out was because of one country or in whole nations. this is full of contradictions and interventions of the united nations charter. unless we do thing in the charter of the united nations according to which we agreed, otherwise we don't -- now we are talking about the future of the united nations. there is no hypocrisy, no diplomacy because it is a decisive and important item. . >> and if there is any aggression by my
this meeting comes at corner of the recognition of so many challenges that face all of us and that should come together and unite and put all efforts together, serious efforts put together by the walls so that the wall will defeat these challenges which constitute command common enemy to all of us. challenges of climate, challenges of international crises or economic capital deterioration and the food cry -- perhaps this swine virus may be one of those viruses created in the laboratory and it got out of control because it was meant in the beginning to be used as -- as well as military -- the nuclear proliferations as well as the hypocrisy and detroit rags and detroit radiations -- as you know, the united nations was established -- by countries where -- where -- against the german at a time. the united nations that we have today is different but the united nations that was -- that it is the -- the countries or the nations that come together against the second world war, these countries constituted or made -- and give -- its own members and granted defeat to -- we were not p
and preserved. >> woman: using this super anti-oxidant, dr. sebagh has formulated powerful serums to shield your skin from further signs of aging while encouraging natural collagen creation. the ultimate secret to smooth, lifted, youthful-looking skin. >> your face visually looks much tighter, and your pores are much closer. it's fantastic. >> i truly believe that this thing inside this melon from south france is incredible. >> now thanks to a remarkable breakthrough, dr. sebagh's formulas have been distilled into a powerful anti-aging system called "meaningful beauty." >> megan: it's amazing when they say that it is a facial in a bottle. it truly, truly is. >> crawford: i know meaningful beauty's great. people use it, and they start seeing their skin looking better, and they get excited about it, and then their friends might notice or say something. >> lokelani mcmichael: i love the meaningful beauty products. my parents have noticed, and so have my friends. i've gotten a lot of complements. >> dr. elizabeth hare: meaningful beauty has the ability to attack a lot of different problems that peop
gonna talk about the u.s. auto industry in the changing role is playing in the crimea. when did a look at the culture of american cars and the emotions they support within the us as well as a glimpse back in time and innovation of the future. the u.s. auto industry have changed a lot the u.s. economy has changed as well. where going to introduced into a car collecting a lot of money involved and talk about some cars from television and movies. no other industry quite like the auto industry is a reflection of its times. from popular culture to design, fuel efficiency and employment, the car business has been both a leader and casualty of the changing economy. there was a time when if you bought a car in the u-s, there was better than a 90 percent that it would have been made by one of the big detroit three, chrysler, ford or general motors. but today fewer than half the cars sold in the u-s come from one of those three makers. before the bankruptcies, the influence of the big three extended throughout the u-s economy. after world war two, as the economy boomed and middle class
with the marketplace. and there is another fun statistic, that today, youtube uses more bandwidth than the entire internet in 2001. . . >> we are talking about creating the conditions where businesses can continue to perform. a vast majority of economic activity was untainted by these activities and has been slowed down but continues to operate. we need to turn to our public policy attention to that part of our economy and understand how high quality jobs are being created and reap the political regulatory potential bricken occur. there is a dearth of that discussion in this town. >> we have time for one more question. >> i am with the council on foreign relations. looking forward at the value of the dollar, i think you correctly pointed out that this will have a significant impact, perhaps more on the developing world and i would point particularly to china in this regard. it also will affect the u.s. in terms of our ability to finance the national debt. i am wondering what the different scenarios are in terms of what the u.s. will have to do in order to be able to continue to rely on other coun
ailment in the u.s.-- only headache is more common-- and it's second only to the common cold as a cause of days lost at work. and get this: americans spend at least $50 billion each year on low back pain, but despite all the money we're spending, we're not getting any better. so with everything out there, does anything really work? well, just maybe, because there's a new device that has back pain experts in europe jumping up and down with excitement. but is it really the solution we've all been waiting for? well, the answer to that question just may shock you. stay tuned. [♪...] >> announcer: if you or anyone you know suffers from any kind of back pain... if you've tried hot and cold packs, dangerous pain pills and endless expensive visits to the back pain specialist, only to find you're still living with debilitating or nagging back pain, pay close attention, because your life is about to change forever. introducing back 2 life, the 12-minute solution to a lifetime of back pain. the back 2 life is causing a sensation across europe because of the amazing results back pain specialists
the telephone. the role to use the $50 and a huge page that i should have brought with me, fine print of the legality of this $50. couldn't they have just reduce the price by $50? where is ralph nader when he used a stand-up and complain about this thing before he tried to be president and other follies? there you are. why did they do it to us? why do we put up with it, worse? because we have very little choice had no ralph nader. we will be right back. some of the best minds and political analysis in washington, and it will be with us in seconds. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. now the program host a nationally syndicated columnist llewellyn king, and co-host linda gasparello. >> hello again and thank you so much for coming along. i promised you a great panel, and i have a great panel for you. claude salhani of the "middle east times, who has a new book out, "while the arab world slept: the impact of the bush years on the middle east." that should take us through the whole program. i am joined by my old friend george lo
> > goo>> good morning and welce to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. we will get to our top stories in just a moment, but first, let's check the weather. > > let's take a look right now. a clear band of clouds. associated with an area of low pressure. a little bit of shower activity inth the carolinas. partly cloudy. 59 on eastorn shore. 79 when you return home this afternoon. > > some early morning problems we are tracking. a vehicle fire. an accident at old philadelphia road. no volume-related delays. a live view on hartford road. the beltway looks good. > > a suspect accused of killing two sisters in a home is dead this morning. > > our reporter is live with the details. > > the women were shot and killed by the estranged husband of sheena blanford. a neighbor says the couple wasld in the neighborhood for a few months. police say the couple had domestic abuse reports. > > the first female was shot and is the estranged wife of our suspect. the second female is her sister. > > the suspect fled into dc. he pulled out a gun. police shot and kileldled him. > > sky team 11 was
a bill like this like we are today, we did not actually have legislative language in front of us. in fact, we have not seen the language of some of it and it probably has not even been written yet. instead, we have a description of the changes the chairman wants to make, called the chairman's modified mark. . particularly when you consider that with legislation, the devil is in the details. the win legislative language is written, you can have a large impact on the way the policy is actually implemented and even the cost of the provision. that is why i modified my amendments likely to require the cbo to also provide a final and complete score at least 72 hours before the committee votes on final passage. it is critically important that we know the true costs of this legislation before we pass it. particularly because the cbo director just seemed to indicate a little while the yesterday that after this conceptual bill passes, cbo may begin to shift their focus on providing cost estimates for the merged package between the finance committee and the senate health committee bills, which means
-month outlook. so we'll weigh each other up for the time being. stay with us for a second, thomas. let's move on and show you what our markets have been doing this morning. the ftse cnbc global 300 index indicating that our european markets started off on the session slightly lower for many of these markets, down by small 0.5% on the broad based index. the markets in general, though, lower between 1% to 1.2%. we're seeing a bit of selling in sterling against the dollar. christine, lovely to see you, as usual. >> hey, louisa, lovely to see you, always always. here in asia, a lot of reaction to the fed statement. a lot of people are taking the statement to believe that the fed is contributing to the poor economy. the kospi, down 1%. it's prompting a lot of foreign sellers to get out of this market, foreign investors to get out of this market. the shanghai market managed to recoup some of its losses closing up 0.4%. the hang seng is down 2.5% and the s&p is down 0.7%. the nikkei managing to close up after a three-day holiday break coming back and doing positively well. in terms of crude oil, a l
as a means to cover the cost of a very important initiative of the president and the u.s. congress. host: heavy been brought to the table on the idea -- how the various food sources come into this discussion? guest: in all but conversations we are having, they say they want to do their part in health care reform. when you talk about thousands of schools all across the country and the importance of doing the right thing for our young people inside schools, which what is what we have heard from parents, so we talk about that with members of congress, and we say we are willing to continue to help. tell us what we can do. other means to tackle obesity concerns and we are here and çready. host: cross plains, wisconsin. good morning. caller: hi, i'm ray blanchard. in the beverage industry the big elephant in the room is not the sugar or manufactured sugar in the container. it is the container itself and waste created by the industry that is passed on to the consumer to deal with. you should tax the contain are or have it recycled or pay for itself because the industry dumps all their garbage
have been cooperating with the united states, with the u.s. national council, the security council in the last year, because we are a nonpermanent member of the security council. . >> my defense minister should be coming to the united states, as of this month. we had to postpone the visit. from now until the end of the year, i will receive four out of five deputy prime ministers. they are visiting the united states. we understand the besides -- both sides are looking for closer cooperation on the defense and military aspect. due to lack of submitting this year, my president will be in new york late this month. he will attend the annual meeting of the u.n. security council, which mr. obama will attend and they will have a talk. maybe not a long one. but it is a leaders' summit. there is no official -- no official meeting between the two leaders, but they will try to talk to each other, and surely they will discuss how we will move next in our relations. the deputy foreign minister will come down to washington, d.c. for an official visit. i am arranging -- they certainly will meet. a
loop. same on 32. in the white marsh area, away from us is southbound traffic. pretty light in terms of volume both here and on the rest of the major roadways. ft. mchenry, problem-free at the tunnel. no problems at the harbor tunnel. the northeast side, harford road, both loops pretty clear. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. our big story, if you have a lead foot and you drive in baltimore city, you may want to slow down. >> today the first of 51 speed cameras being placed throughout the city will be unveiled. one camera is at the intersection of walter and gle glenmore. it's one of the dozens of areas in the city identified as known as speeding. by law the cameras must be placed within a quarter mile of a school zone. officials say they spent more than a year doing research on which locations have the most traffic accidents and pedestrian-involved traffic incidents trying to find the best locations for the cameras. anyone caught speeding will eventually get a $40 ticket. but city officials say this is not about money. >> it wasn't a profit-making adventure. it was to ge
>>>> good morning and welcome to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. our big stories in just a moment, but first let's get a check on weatther. do we need the umbrella today? >> yes. a very strong low pressure system out there. it is starting to have a tropical characteristic to it. it is producing a lot of rain in the carolinas. in ocean city, it is going to get hit with strong showers. we saw more than 9 inches of rain fall off the shores of carolina at yesterday. for us in baltimore today, mostly cloudy, times of rain throughout the day. the high will be in the upper 60's to low 70's. by this afternoon, 69 with rain showers around. i have more coming up for you in just a little bit. let's check out traffic to find out how the morning commute is going. >> not seeing any effect of the weather of commuting this morning. the speed sensors are up to speed. 95 down into the fort mchenry is looking good. 12 minute ride on the outer loop. here's a live look outside this morning. this is 95 and the white marsh area. so far it is moving well. no problems to report. here is a live vi
to fade. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. today is friday september 11th, 2009. angie is here. we have some serious problems on the roadways. places to avoid. kim has -- >> look at me and blame me. it's okay. i expect it. >> you can handle it >> yes, i can. whenever angie was saying this before. we get heavy rain which will put a monkey wrench in your commute. i am hear to help with your weather. let's start with a radar loop. moderate to heavy rain backing in, headed in here. we will be this especially through the lunch hour. live dopple that therehe pinp vienna, down towards the mixing bowl. another batch here at silver spring. right along route 29, beltville and laurel. back to the maps here is what we are looking at with the temps. it is a raw, chilly day, get used to 60s. we will break out of the 50s but temps probably won't go higher than upper 60s. so many of you are getting a jump start on the weekend. if you need a travel forecast go to my live web cast it is open and i can hook you up with a travel forecast any where in the country. angie has been tracking a very
>> thanks for joining us. let's get a check on weather and traffic. >> sometimes you get a late start. >> [unintelligible] we are taking a look at some warm temperatures. 75 downtown now. 71 of the airport. -- 71 at the airport. 84 degrees yesterday. 86 downtown. a cold front is hovering over us. by tonight, it will feel different. tomorrow will be cool. the weekend is a mixed bag. hopefully the rain will dry out by the time of the ravens game. >> bought the time the show was over, we will have it together. let's see what is going on traffic-wise. a downed pole at rolling road and collegiate drive. use caution there. watch for of lanes blocked at liberty road and oak kali. -we will probably see delays around 6:30. and nice ride at the fort mchenry. they live view at greenspring. back to you. >> our big story. president obama is in the spotlight again at the un. today he is the first u. n. president -- u.s. president to chair a meeting. >> and the g-20 is in pittsburgh. nikole killion is live with this report. when is the president is scheduled to arrive? >> he is scheduled to ar
. >> it is time to start over on a bipartisan plan. >> that was nikole killion reporting. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what did you think of the president's health care reform address? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> as the battle for health care reform continues on capitol hill, howard county is working out a plan for universal health care. our reporter has more. >> it seems like howard county is in the national spotlight for representatives of around the country calling on this local approach to universal health care. the health officer for this program says the idea is built around primary care visits that are regular. it saves health care dollars down the line by reducing risk factors that may lead to chronic disease and mitigating the minimizing costs which is 75% of health-care costs. the plan was kicked off in january and had a surprising side effect. 2500 applicants found out they did not need help the howard because the article but for existing government programs. it is called a success for offering affordable care and redirecting others
gave us music that lasts 40 years ago today. you know the news fox reports this saturday. september 6th 2009 we have to play that all night tomorrow night. y i am julie banderas, thanks for watching and see you tomorrow night. hopefully with the beatles. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> thank you very much. thank you. and welcome to huckabee in the studio in new york city. tonight chuck noris throws a round house kick at health care reform and offers solutions on what we could be doing . former white house press secretary. s, what is it like inside of the real west wining and we'll learn the news behind the news. polsters tell us what are americans really, really angry about? we'll ask him . by the way, did you know that we are celebrating one-year anniversary of the show? and that means one-year anniversary with our house band the little rockers, they will be with us for a special tune as we have the first year anniversary celebration of the huckabee show with little rockers. we'll figure to have a great time and hope you willen joy yourself. did you hear the ran
we could avoid most, if not all, wars. host: bill is joining us from north carolina. you say it is a war of necessity. why is that? caller: we are still battling radical islam. unfortunately, the taliban is still trying to reinforce [unintelligible] we also have to take into consideration their using afghanistan and pakistan as a refuge for the radical element, and pakistan is a neutral power. we have to keep a presence over there and try to show that we can win this war, otherwise it gives the possibility of slipping back and bringing a worse situation. host: what do you think is a long-term solution? caller: i guess trying to change the attitude of afghans. i just wish that president obama would take more serious position, because mcchrystal has been asking for troops, at least with bush, when he asked for a kitchen sink, he would get two of them, but obama is saying let me get back with you, i have the health care and all that stuff. so i do not believe he should leave our men and women in uniform hanging out there in the wind. they need to get everything they need to stay
earlier u.s. officials revealed they were building a secret facility that could be used to enrich uranium. britain's prime minister was clearly angry. >> the level of deseps association by the iranian government will shock and anger the whole international community. >> reporter: the three leaders spoke from pittsburgh where they are gathered for the g-20 meeting. they demanded iran open the site to inspection or face further isolation and new sanctions. the news leaked just before meetings were set to open at the economic summit and overshadowed the financial work that had been on the agenda. world leaders came to pittsburgh to try to find a way to support the economic recovery and prevent another recession, but that work, so far, has been overshadowed by both the a surprise announcement about iran and trouble on the city streets. >> you must leave. >> reporter: dozens of rioters have been arrested after messy demonstrations near downtown pittsburgh. more protesters are expected today and police are ready with an overwhelming show of force, including armored vehicles and pepper spray. te
you. [applause] >> will all please rise. what is now here the role of honor. -- let us now here the rolar thf honor. >> we gather here on westerplatte on the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the second world war, the most terrible of the cataclysms' of the 20th century, paying tribute to all its victims. maybe it remembered forever. -- mayday be remembered forever. -- may they be remembered forever. ♪ >> now i would like to ask the prime minister of poland, francois fillon, to take the floor. -- the prime minister of poland, donald tusk, to take the floor. >> why? why here? why now on the first of september in gdansk? and not in some places -- and not in some other place that the leaders of europe have gathered? why in gdansk, and why on the first of september? why do we see here leaders of poland from the previous year s? why here in gdansk on the first of september, veterans are meeting together with young people? it wasn't gdas -- it was in gdansk on the first of september that the most terrible tragedy of mankind started and the symbols of that global tragedy can be see
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troops are getting killed here than ever before. july and august the deadliest months for u.s. forces since the war began. eight years ago after the september 11th attacks is when this war began. the goal was to find osama bin laden and drive out his protectors, the taliban. bin laden is at large, the taliban have gained a strong foothold t. battle includes winning hearts and minds of the civilian population. tonight you'll see how dangerous this mission has become as mike ware found in his brush with an ix ed. what the battle looks like through the eye of marines as they prepare afghan forces to take control of their country's security and forces. a little boy, what is molique's future hold. the american doctors who saved his life. all ahead on this "360" special, "inside the battle zone." we begin with a new strategy, clear, hold and build. that is what the marines are calling it. move into an area, clear of taliban, keep the marines there, hold it and try to build infrastructure, build local people's confidence in the afghan government. it is a strategy to try to protect the local
to figure them out. >> totally clueless. >> he was a guy who owes his job to george w. bush. all of us have had the pleasure of serving the president. if presidents get to the point where they can't speak candidly in front of their staff -- >> this is a bipartisan group, it's always a great bit of fun. more fun back in the old days when everybody drank. it's still fun. todd sorensen got into a big fight. arthur sleszinger says you should always tell stories about the boss because that is how you get history. he went over, with his second new deal and all this stuff, said you have to get stories. ted sorensen says you never rat out the boss. >> you do have to get, quite frankly, you have to write history. i would write, like, a memoir. tell stories about nixon and how he felt and things like that. but these personal, all of us know personal things and family things that you know that you just don't tell. >> i'm with you. i wouldn't do it. what would you do? >> i wouldn't. i worked in a white house. >> any stories you want to share with us right now? >> during the next commercial break. i hap
. here in the u.s., futures are pointing towards a higher open. it looks like dow futures are up quite a bit, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also unquite a bit. the nasdaq did push higher on monday whereas the dow and the s&p both slipped a bit. let's take a quick look at the bund yield. that is now up 0.043 at 3.44%. and ahead of the $43 billion auction of two-year notes today, the 10-year t-note is up 0.026 at .51%. gold, of course, has been bouncing from that one-week low as the dollar comes up from its gains. gold is now at $1,013. louisa, over to you. thank you for that. christian blaabjerg is with us and uberg pape is from cantor fitzgerald. welcome to you both. christian, let's start with you. we've seen a document outlining the u.s. position ahead of the g-20 the summit. we saw that yesterday. exporters they say, including china and japan, for example, they should consume more and countries that in debt like the u.s., they should be boosting their savings. it seems pretty straightforward. do you think this is the u.s. indicating that they want to take slightly more of a back seat t
service, the rangers who helped us from the gates of the arctic in northern alaska to the dry tortugas off the florida keys, from hawaii volcanoes, to acadia in maine. they have been tremendous servants and i would like to thank them. we have been celebrating over the last several days our public lands. there has been an enormous outpouring of support, all across the country in more than 200 of the 391 sites of the national park service. citizens have been turning out and by the hundreds and by the thousands, to celebrate not just the initiation of this film, but our love of these public lands, these treasured landscapes, as the secretary of the interior, who has been a great champion of this project would say. it has been an amazing outpouring in a country that is often so distracted by the now that there are so many millions of citizens million -- willing to commit to these public lands in such a meaningful way. we, in turn, try to express some sort of thanks to the national park service for their service to us. we are turning over to them, as of today, all of our research material, the
the new oil? from energy to agriculture, the u-s economy depends on clean water even as demand increases and our water systems get older. it's all ahead on this edition of first business. the roof of finance trying to make the globe a safer place here more than a year after the u.s. economy in the financial systems can to way paul. we have congress today on wednesday beginning to continue their work of trying to fix finance and put things in focus consumer protection and it may be dropped in part of the white house as well as concentrating on the role of the credit rating agency. per the west of this week's air least three members of the federal reserve are expected to give speeches this week and we could start to hear more hints about the fed's outlook on interest rates, market certainly expects rates to start rising in the middle of 2010 but certainly not before the economy really starts to show convincing signs of improvement. so will look for to that. with me now see the consumer convinced consumer confidence despite the stock market increase we've seen in the month of september cons
a little bit. china is one of the biggest losers today by more than 3%. we had some numbers out sales the u.s. may impose more tariffs on chinese steel products. the kospi, though, did manage to gain about 0.25%. meantime, oil prices right now, you can see how nymex light sweet crude is doing on this friday morning european time, $71.82 is where nymex light sweet crude stands at the moment. brent crude futures stands at $70.93. good morning, julia. >> good morning, maura. looks like futures are pointing down for the dow, nasdaq 100 and the s&p 500, looking towards a slightly lower open. this comes as the markets take a pause. the markets did break their three-day winning streak yesterday and end quite lower. take a look at treasury yields. the bund is down 0.012 to 3.33%. and the u.s. treasuries are at 3.93%, up 0.005. this comes as the government announced $ 12 billion of auctions of 2, two and seven-year notes next week. >> to our first guest to talk about market strategy, we have matt king, grand bibby is managing director at richmond asset management. grant, let me start with you. you exp
. >>> and the war in afghanistan. defense secretary robber gates says u.s. effort there is are defense secretary robber gates says u.s. effort there is are only now beginning. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. about 200 family and friends gathered last night to say good-bye to michael yak son. it was a private affair fp jackson was entombed at cemetery outside l.a. where many of hollywood's famous are buried. >> reporter: the king of pop was finally laid to rest 70 days after his death. michael jackson's family and closest friends were the only ones invited to attend the funeral at the famed forest lawn cemetery in glendale. his close friend, liz taylor, and al sharpton were all seated hours before the service that start considerably late. jackson's three children sat in the front row, all of his siblings, mother katherine and father joe were also will. his final resting place is what's called the great moz lee you will. he'll be intured near jimmy stewart, sammy tafs jr. and one his idles oig, walt disney. there will be statutes and staine
. poland and the czech republic may be more cautious about the reversal of plans. bbc news. >> let us go to moscow and join our correspondent there any official reaction so far, richard? >> no, not just yet. but we are expecting something to be set by the kremlin varies shortly. there will be statements. we have had, for example, the head of russian parliament foreign affairs committee speaking on russian television in which it says it shows president obama is now starting to understand russia and is now taking a more serious and responsible attitude toward a strategic talks with moscow. in particular, what he is referring to there are talks under way to try to get a new arms reduction treaty, start treaty, to reduce nuclear weapons. there is a deadline of december because the current treaty actually runs out. big pressure. president obama wants a deal and obviously the american administration will be hoping it happens. >> desk and a short time ago i spoke to the czech republic are minister and i asked his reaction. >> about midnight today i spoke to the president of the u.s., barack oba
to know how this happened. >>> all those stories are just ahead. good morning. thanks for joining us this friday morning. >> yeah a little bump on the head for justin berk while helping a friend move. >> see that's why you don't help friends move. >> so justin's on the d.l. here. >> we hope he's okay. >>> meteorologist susan shrack's in with the weather. >> thanks a lot. good morning, everyone. it is a rainy, dreary start for your friday. there you can see maryland's most powerful radar showing a storm that's just off the coast bringing the rain back inland. we'll be stuck with it throughout most of the day. here's what we collected so far just since midnight. it's been heavy rain. that rain will lessen in its intensity as we head into the day. we're looking temperature-wise around 57 degrees this morning, not too much movement by noon. we're only up to 60 degrees, possibly as high as 68 for us this afternoon and expect scattered showers and rain throughout the day. let's check out the roads now. here's kim. >> we have slippery conditions and reduced visibility this morning as we lo
joins us live with more. >> reporter: taoáeu roan richard -- tyrone richardson was on top of the world on sunday. they watched the tape to the of his son scoring the touchdown score. four hours later, richardson was dead. >> reporter: police say three masked mens stormed into the richardson's family home early sunday morning. separating tyrone from his wife and four kids and killed him. they then fled in the family's black mercedes. >> obviously he's a family man. we saw his kids all the time and stuff. so it was just kind of hard to hear that. it could happen so close. >> reporter: neighbors say they were already on alert because of a couple of break-ins in the community. but no one could have predicted anything quite like this. >> reporter: investigators don't think there's a connection and suspect richardson was targeted. there are reports he was having financial troubles and filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago. >> well, i don't know anything about any financial problems or anything like that. i just know that we lost, we lost a very, very good guy. you know, due to a tragic situatio
smoother. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is monday, september 14th. let's start off with the weather forecast from kim martucci. >> andrea, good morning. look at our satellite and radar loop. look at what's missing from it. clouds and rain. a goranous start from the workweek. glad you could join us for the 9:00 a.m. show. 67 is the starting point at reagan national airport. warmer in leesburg and 72. winchester middle 60s and 66 annapolis. 63 across the bay in easton. the game plan today, take you to the upper 60s and then around 79 by lunchtime. a lot of sunshine. and temperatures will be flirting with 83 this afternoon. air quality code moderate. give you a heads up now. there's a lot of rain in the seven-day forecast. i will share the details with you in a few minutes. but with the sunshine usually you don't have too many travel headaches. see if we can't keep that the rule with angie. >> i'd love to but unfortunately that's not the case. glad you could join us. look at what is slowing us down. begin with 66. a crash here at 123. the right la
the u.s. delegation that has been holding planning and strategy sessions in advance of tomorrow's historic talks with iran. officials here acknowledge this will be the first true test of president obama's policy of diplomatic engagement. a major departure from the bush years. iran's president signaled again today they are within their rights. he says there's nothing to talk about. tomorrow's sessions, we're told, will include informal breaks during which the u.s. expects to have the first direct talks with iran on the sidelines in decades. the focus will be on the nuclear issue. other issues could come into play including perhaps the fate of those three american hikers if iran brings it up. coming up, the spokesman for the national security council mike hammer, plus ambassador nicolas burns and "the new york times" david spanger. plus the president today meeting with his special security team on afghanistan trying to define the mission and the strategy. the white house also springs into action to help relief efforts after a devastating earthquake and the tsunami hits samoa and i
wore this uniform could look down on us that they would be pretty proud. but it was pretty spontaneous. but what we have to do is take this movement and make sure we are putting it in the right direction so that we can actually make this change the change we believe in. to that end once again if you could pull out your phone and text "my usa." we want to make sure the media knows what issues we find important when this event closes. thanks very much, and thanks for coming today. [cheering] . >> please put your hands together. >> you know, d.c. is a spectacular city, but for $12 trillion i expect a little bit more. [cheering] pleasure of living all over america. i know the good people. i lived in alabama, nebraska, new mexico, nevada, west virginia. and today i come to you with the message from the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia. virginia stands with you! [cheering] today i bring a message from the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia to the people who work in this building. your soul belongs to the board, but your career blocks to me. [cheering] to the right thing. the co
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phone use may >>> and phone concern what years of cell phone use may mean for your health. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. after a public battle with pancreatic cancer, patrick swayze has died. >> abc's barbara walters had a friendly relationship with swas si for decades. she also conducted the last tv interview he would ever give. >> he was a dancer. he was a cowboy. he was a movie star. >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> reporter: but above all, he was a fighter. >> will you stand up with me? will you snd up to cancer. >> reporter: patrick swayze, defiant, but definitely sick. was far from the hearthrob that boogied into the hearts of a generation, with his tate mark moves in 1987's "dirty dancing." ♪ i never felt this way dfr >> reporter: but the role that sealed his destiny, among the top romantic actors of all-time, involved a pottery wheel, a grieving widow, played by demi moore and a ghost. >> i love you, molly. i've always loved you. >> ditto. >> reporter: but recently, he found fame in a new role, cancer patient. in march of 2008, he
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